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A baby. A manger. A handful of straw. The true spirit of the first Christmas can now be a meaningful part of your holiday, creating a beautiful new family tradition. Simply do something kind for someone--in secret--and add one straw to the manger for each act of love. Soon the manger, and your hearts, will be overflowing and ready for the coming of Christ.

Soon to be a 2014 Holiday movie, The Last Straw is the touching story of a family who faithfully used the traditions of the straws to bring real love back to their hearts, year after year.

Although it has been published as fiction, The Last Straw is a true story which you can incorporate into your own Christmas. It’s easy. Even children as young as three can understand giving in secret and participate enthusiastically. The Last Straw offers a way to bring back the true message of Christmas.

It changed forever the way our family prepared our hearts for Christmas. It can change yours, too.

All you really need is a handful of straw.

--Paula Palangi McDonald

A lavishly illustrated edition of THE LAST STRAW is available on, as well as a paperback booklet. Order the book or booklet online by clicking THE LAST STRAW links above or below.